The AAAI-21 Workshop on Designing AI for Telehealth

Description of workshop: Although telehealth technology has been present for years, appearance of the Covid-19 pandemic dramatically has accelerated its growth. This workshop clearly is timely. Investment currently is strong for numerous types of telehealth systems, many including AI components, and leading enterprises in this work are now recognizing the important need for participatory design. Accordingly, the main objective of this workshop is specifically to gather representatives of AI research and development with those of other stakeholder domains to create a community for sustaining valuable participatory design dialogue.

Topics: Some design topics that emerge during workshop discussion are likely not to be initially familiar to all stakeholder communities present, promising useful gain in shared knowledge. For the AI community, different types of telehealth tend to share abstract design topics that include accuracy, reliability, validity, economy, autonomy, application requirements, privacy, and cybersecurity.

Format of workshop: Consistently with its main objective, the workshop welcomes participants who represent distinct but interactive communities of stakeholders in the design of AI applications for telehealth, thus joining participants from AI with those representing patients, physicians, nursing practice, nursing education, healthcare administration, and governmental, pharmaceutical, insurance, and legal enterprises. Ideally, this one-day gathering will contain a presentation representing each of these communities, followed by ample time for open forum discussion.

Attendance: Timeliness of its topic, use of a virtual medium, and AAAI’s discounted workshop registration for AAAI-21 technical registrants, plus a workshop-only registration option, all suggest that this workshop will attract at least sixty members. Of course, its organizers also seek a gathering size that allows meaningful participation for everyone; fortunately, the workshop is equipped with a website that will post the CFP and accepted workshop papers (pending authors’ permissions) as well as sustain afterward the valuable dialogue generated during the event.

Submission requirements: Requests to participate and (optional) paper submissions are to be emailed to workshop chair by November 9, 2020. Papers will be 6-to-8-page Word documents. Invitations to participate and decisions concerning selection of papers for presentation will be supplied by November 30, 2020.

Submit to Workshop Chair, Ted Metzler,

Workshop Committee: Ted Metzler, Oklahoma City University, Kramer School of Nursing,; Lundy Lewis, Southern New Hampshire University, Computer Information Systems,; Elizabeth Diener, Oklahoma City University: Kramer School of Nursing,

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