All postings initially must be submitted to the website’s manager, Dr. Ted Metzler, for review and approval. If the website manager believes that some revision of the submitted material is needed he will communicate with you via email regarding this judgment; otherwise, he will post the material – as presented – and notify you of the posting. Postings within each “Community” category (please see the list below) will be indexed by date and time of posting, with most recent postings at the top of the list. Responses to a posting will be indexed in the same way. The sole purpose of the review policy is to help maintain constructive dialogue.


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    4. If your submission is a Response to a posting that is already available for reading on the website, please indicate in your email that posting’s community, date, and time.



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The foregoing list of “communities” is likely to evolve. This website (Webmaster, the Rev. Linda C. Pope) is an experimental initiative that aims to be adaptive, as needed, to satisfy its mission. We welcome postings from the various communities that are involved in design, development, and deployment of smart technology supporting U.S. healthcare providers and their patients. Our mission is to facilitate constructive dialogue among these communities that will encourage creation of user-centered products and services.