Welcome to the Shaping Smart Technology Website

Shaping Smart Technology is an online forum dedicated to helping members of various contemporary professions participate knowledgably and actively in the development of technology that employs artificial intelligence (AI) and/or robotics (collectively labeled “smart” technology on this website for convenient reference). Although healthcare clearly is not the only area of twenty-first-century employment that should be paying close attention to smart technology, the website will focus initially upon its healthcare applications and especially upon their implications for nurses.

Unlike rainstorms, volcanoes, earthquakes, and the like, smart technology does not just happen to people. People intentionally create it – ostensibly to assist people. Moreover, individuals affected by that process typically represent a variety of different stakeholder communities.

Not all of the communities involved in creating smart technology and introducing it to nursing practice possess certified nursing knowledge and share nursing-specific values. Hence, unless someone enables effective dialogue for linking these communities with professional nursing we should not be surprised to find nurses encountering new smart technology that may adversely affect their healthcare practice, or occasionally even violate their professional values. Therefore, we offer this website as a free and responsible forum that can enable and encourage constructive dialogue among nurses concerning smart technology, current or forthcoming, and link them with other communities that need their input before the technology is deployed – notably, during its prior user-centered design.

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